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Zap Water Technology, Inc. purchased the Diamond Shoals Light Station on October 2, 2012. Dave Schneider, the President of Zap, made the purchase to restore the Light Station, with long-term plans to establish an ‘”on ocean” technology center. Zap Water Technology, Inc. will be the founding technology partner, with plans to use current products, and to develop new ones in the ElectroChemical Activation (ECA) product line. (Visit zapwatertechnology.com for more info). The facility, upon renovation, will be available to other technology, research, testing, academic, and corporate organizations. Since Zap’s principals are based in sustainable, non-toxic, and low impact technology, we will have a emphasis on partners with the same goals, such as clean water, wind power, ocean power, solar, and other related fields of research. We also see interest from biologists, marine biologists, climatologists, and those developing products that need to be tested in an actual marine setting, such as metallurgists, desalination technologists, coating manufacturers, and those testing recreational equipment, and fishing, diving, or boating products. This will be a unique, one-of-a-kind place to do some very important work in a very inspiring setting!


DSLS is an island, which means it is able to operate completely off-grid. Eventually, it could become a completely self-sustainable island, meaning it would not be necessary to haul in heavy provisions. Imagine  having solar and wind for power sources; water collection systems and desalinization technologies; and hydroponic gardens to grow fresh food year-round.


Along with the work, there would be time to enjoy our island in the ocean. Fishing, diving, kayaking, star gazing, sunsets, sun rises, waves, winds, and abundant sea life. We are hoping to be part of the “ocean community”, and will be a stopping off point for many of the fishermen, sailors, boaters, divers, and kayakers that frequent this area. Diamond Shoals Light Station has been a part of the sea landscape for over 40 years. It should be a safe haven for all those who venture out in the area.


The restoration of such a facility has proven to be a viable project. 100 Miles south of DSLS is the Frying Pan Light Station, which was purchased in 2010 by Richard Neal. After two years of hard work, the facility is operating as a bed and breakfast. What a wonderful accomplishment by Neal and his volunteers!